Saturday, September 28, 2019

Puff and Slash Dwarf Army....The Grind Continues...Part Duex!

Back with a brief update on the progress being made on the large group of marauder puff and slash dwarfs that I have been working through.  The group has expanded to 33 figures with the addition of a three figures from the classic Marauder Pike Dwarf unit...namely the Leader, Standard Bearer and a trooper.

After being out of town for a week doing some field work I immediately got back to work upon my return.

The first things I accomplished was base coating and highlighting the many Gold bitz on these figures. 

After that I added the washes.  This mostly consisted of washing the gold bits with a Sepia Wash and the Iron/Steel bits with a Nuln Oil black wash.  However I did also add some additional depth to some beards etc with strategically placed washes as well.

And for the final step I painted 65 eye balls (one guy have an eye patch 😀 ), I varnished all figures, and I sanded and painted their bases....including repainting all base edges with fresh black paint.

The last thing I have to do to these figures before I call them DONE is to add the additional basing material (tufts and static grass).  To accomplish this task is bite sized pieces I will break this group up and add the figures to their respective units before finishing their bases.  You may have noticed that I didn't really finish adding these same bits to my OWAC force so I might as well do them all at the same time...just unit by unit.

Of course the other the thing I have to do is create banners for all the standards in this mortal enemy!

I'm very pleased with how this has turned out...its not technically my best painting...but I think that en masse in their units these guys will look superb on the tabletop.  The fact that I was able to complete a group of figures this size in a little over a month is also very encouraging.  The big batch did seem like a grind at when I would paint one base color on all the figures for an entire painting session...I would say things like "tonight is Blue night!"...but it is hard to argue with the I will probably do it again!

In coming posts I will start to look at each unit of this army in more detail as I complete basing and banner painting for each of them. 

Cheers for now!!



  1. Beautiful Blue, well done. Hardcore batch painting stamina here, very impressive.

    I'm looking forward to seeing these in hand in not too long

  2. Blue in so glad you’ve kept this going. They look gorgeous and can’t wait to see the army en made across the table! 🥰

  3. God damn Bloo thats a herculean task finished to perfection!

  4. A real tour de force Blue! Sad I won't get to see them in person for awhile, but maybe they'll have banners by then.;)