Monday, September 16, 2019

Puff and Slash Dwarf Army...the Grind continues!

Hi all,

After the OWAC and the tremendous progress that was made toward completing my Puff and Slash Dwarf Army I have been continuing to plug away at the last troops for this force.  I am determined to finish up this army ASAP... that end I've been fairly diligent about working through a large group of figures all at once to try and push this across the finish line.  So...I assembled a group of 30 minis that will fill out my existing units to their final size as well and complete an entirely new unit of heavy infantry.  This process has involved Batch Painting one of the largest group of figures I have ever tried to complete in a single go....and significant progress is being made. I've had to leave town for week to do some field work and I was not able to finish these batch before I left.

So...I thought I would get some WIP pics up on this blog to let you know what I've been working on and to help motivate me to push it thru once I'm finally back at the painting desk!  My excitement level is fading as I get down to the details so I need all the encouragement I can get!

Ok...As usual I started with Dark Grey Auto Primer for all figures...then I applied the base colors to the major areas.

...then I started in on the highlights...flesh first

then the white bitz...

Followed by the Red

...and then the Blue portions.

Finally I started in on the beards and hair....Blondes first.

Then the Gingers...

And finally a large group of various brown beards.

And this last picture doesn't look much different but if we were looking at the back of the figures you would notice more...In this one I have finished up all the little bitz on each model...powder horns, pouches, wood grain on weapons etc. that's where I had to leave things for a week.  I was very close to wrapping these up before I left town but it just wasn't possible to finish them up.  When I get back I will need to base and highlight the gold portions and clean up the iron before I move onto washes and eyes...and finally the basing.

...I can't wait to get these guys done!!!




  1. I feel you, just basecoating 7 Olley admech was enough to kick my mojo down. The sense of achievement when it's done though is worth it !
    Keep on grindig !

  2. A real tour de force Blue. You can do it! These guys are going to look boss on the table.

  3. Impressed that you're tackling such a big batch - inspiring stuff!