Saturday, January 19, 2019

"Message for you Sir!!!" -Bret Casualty Figures

Hi all,

Back with a quick post about two newly painted figures.  These are the first two figures from a rather unusual "side quest" that I have undertaken in the already niche hobby of Oldhammer figure appreciation...that of collecting casualty figures...and specifically those that were common in almost all of citadel ranges of the 2nd-3rd editions of WFB.

These specific figures...two Bretonnians come from the short lived and poorly cataloged 3rd edition Bret range produced by the Perry Twins...which includes many of my favorite frenchie-flavored sculpts of all time. addition to the many 5th edition Bret figures you have seen grace the pixels of this blog...I also have an entire 3rd edition Bret army...that waits patiently in the to-do pile...:)

Its fine...I can quit when ever I want!  I swear! Trust

Anyway...onto the figures.  One is your traditional casualty...lying flat on his back arms akimbo, staring vacantly into space as darkness closes in...

The other is a bit more that this poor bloke is in the process of  becoming casualty.  Suddenly an arrow has sprouted from his chest and he is none to happy about it!! lol...  Though it does bring to mind one of my favorite scenes from Holy Grail...

"Message for you Sir!!"

"Hello old Friend..."

For both of these I used colors that also appear in my 5th ed Brets...which employ bold colors but in a more muted fashion, than say my Empire Dwarf army.  I do envision painting the rest of my 3rd ed Bret army with similiar colors as the 5th ed guys but with more variation in the way they are employed...and you can see some of that here with the guy on the ground having the cream colored stripe over the deep red...

I doubt these guys will have much practicality on the table....but they will be very useful in staged photos etc.

thanks for looking!




  1. I have to admit to being tempted to track down some of the casualty figures as well. There is a chaos thug and a half orc that might be fun to get. Grrrreat work there blue. The painting is top notch.

  2. Nice. I was only thinking about casualty minis the other day. Perhaps I should consider making some for my own ranges ;).

  3. Looking lovely. I use casualty figures as markers to remind me to do break tests or other casualty-based morale.

  4. Lovely work Blue. I painted the standing guy a few years back. I love that his tab says OUCH.

  5. My chaos don’t use ranged weapons. Maybe you should have broken lances in some of these. 😂 They look really goood man. I should do some for my chaos at some point.

  6. Lovely minis mate! Particularly the standing up guy. Makes me want to get back into wfb!