Friday, August 25, 2017

Another Terrain Diversion Houses! ...Part III I am back yet again with another update to an ongoing project....

...namely the houses that I have been building to grace my newly completed Terrain boards.

When last I discussed this project I had completed builds of the Half Timber Cottage, Stone Barn, and most recently the Half Timber House...though none of them have been painted to that point.

As i really enjoyed the build process I pressed on with a couple of other builds as well before I started with the painting.

First I put together a couple of the small pieces from the Warhammer Townscape book...namely the Dog house and the out house.  You may have remembered in my previous discussions that I have been simply cutting out the panels, after mounting them on foam core, and then slapping them together with the sides over lapping.  This has changed the dimensions of the houses slightly by adding in the thickness of two pieces of foam-core to the original dimensions.  That was fine for the larger buildings and may have actually made them a bit more appealing to the eye...size-wise.

...But with the Out house and was a bad process!  On these small structures the additional 1/2inch of thickness in one dimension drastically changed their over all shape.

the outhouse now appears to be way too long and the Dog house is only suitable in size for pooches of Fluffy's massive girth!!

Have a look

 The Doghouse looks more like a mini barn and the Outhouse must be a two-holer to be that big!!

So when it came time to do my fourth building assembly I decided to follow the advice of my "coach"  Matthew Street and cut the panels slightly at the joins so that they fit together properly and keep the building at the designed dimensions.

 The first building that I applied this technique to was the Rough Inn from the Townscape book.  By cutting a Rabbet into the body panels the building went together easily and with the proper dimensions.  The time consuming part of the build was timbering the entire outside of it with planks.  These I cut from the sheet balsa I had while the windows and doors were framed with the normal Balsa rod.

For the roof on this building I returned to my preferred shingle roof made from strips of thick card.  Its looking pretty sharp!

For all my buildings I've also produced some chimneys...a feature I had been avoiding up till now.  For this I used 1/2 inch square columns of blue insulation foam and and "carved" stonework into them with a mechanical pencil and ball point pen.  once painted up they look pretty decent!

I'll be attaching these to the roofs of my building once I get the painting going...that should be my next update!