Friday, January 9, 2015

Dwarf Wizard

Here is another quick post to share with you another excellent figure that I have just finished up for a client.  This is a really fantastic Dwarf Wizard figure that I really had fun painting up and had not been aware of before.  

As you can see I went for a fairly straight forward paint job on this guy other than his robe and hat which I attempt to make fade smoothly from dark blue to light blue.  I had originally hopped to paint stars and moons on his hat....but I attempted that and failed miserably so fell back on this as an alternative solution...and in the end I think this probably looks better anyway.

Here he is!




  1. Bloody marvellous. I want one!!!

  2. Gradient of blue is spectacular and the whole model makes me want to get a pen, some dice and friends and get RPGing !

  3. Great job, the colours are very rich and the eyes have a lot of character

  4. The hands are particularly well done - which is great, considering how prominent they are on the mini.

  5. If I'm not mistaken it's a fan mini in the style of Citadel. I was gifted one several years ago.

  6. I love him! and don't forget I'm still interested in renting your brush one of those days!

  7. wow, thats a great work!

    the dwarf itself is a very rare citadel miniature: harrig the wise. he was in one of the old citadel combat cards (
    and appeared in an old WD issue, but as far as I know it was never released and the only existing miniature was the one in the card, which was said to be owned by Brian Ansell.

    it seems you had in your hanss the only other existing copy, a true bit of history!
    and you did a much better painting work than the original painter ;)
    another pic of the original paint work: