Wednesday, June 4, 2014

LPL Round 8: Retained Knights...on a smoke break...

Howdy all...sorry for the lack of blogage over the last few has just been too hectic for me to spare the time. 

...anyway...time to get back on that horse.

Well my LPL kind of fell apart this year...things had been going quite well until the second half of the contest.  After using the team of Averlanders for Round 7 I was able to complete one more new team for round 8 but after that I had to use two teams that had been previously displayed elsewhere...which means that they didn't receive the "new team" bonus points...which meant my standings in the polls continued to slide...:(

Oh someone once told me..."Always Look on the Bright Side of Life"  (whistle....)  So lets forget about the above and take a look at the last new team I was able to complete for Round 8. 

I chose to continue my efforts to complete a nice assortment of Sci-Figures for my planned RT 40k games.  To this end I returned to the Retained Knights from Alternative Armies Ion Age range that I will be using as proxy Space Marines.  As my test figure for these guys had worked out pretty well...and you had all responded favorably to the to the idea of tan weapons (except Chico....there has to be one in every crowd...;) ) I went full steam ahead without changing much...and I'm quite happy with the results. I just need to apply these techniques to a couple more squads of these troops. they are. 

I just love the guy lighting his smoke...cracks me up for some reasons.

I may still go back and add some kind of shoulder pad design to these guys but am having a hard time on deciding what it should look like.

There you have it...a rather disappointing LPL for me overall but it was still fun to participate and I hope to make a better showing next year.




  1. Nice work! The simple colour scheme works really well. I love the guy sparking up too. I've got him in the lead pile somewhere.

  2. They look great. I've a bunch of these in the crypt somewhere.

  3. Really nice job blue (as always)
    The smoker sculpt is extremely cool, it's very rare to see a sci-fi fig with his visor up, it's usually either helmet on or off.
    Oh and take my word for it that is NOT a cigarette he's lighting up, guess we know why marines always pass their cool checks; intergalactic 3 papers!

    1. I suppose that's why they're 'greened out' with such a fitting paintjob! hehe.

      Brilliant colour scheme Blue, you just might've inspired me to paint my LE02 Space Marine in similar garb!