Monday, February 4, 2013

Loorassh...Friend of the Trees...Golden Gobo II entry

Howdy all,

As the Batch painting continues to cruise along (perhaps 30 mini in a group is a FEW too many!) I thought I would fill the gap by posting the pictures of my Golden Gobo II entry.  For this contest I chose to paint a unique miniature in my collection...the classic Zoat Wizard sculpt.  A truly classic figure and a new challenge for me as far as painting goes...I've never painted a Zoat before!  Now I just need to finish collecting and assembling a Wood Elf contingent to go with this guy. are the photos and below is a bit of Fluff I wrote about this character and his stat lines.

"Thats MY marble Mother F*&#er!"  :)

Loorassh  20th Level Zoat Wizard

Spikk cowered under the over turned wagon.  Around him was a scene from a nightmare.  The rest of the orc wood cutting team lay in tatters around their work site, pieces of equipment and bodies were scattered about.  From behind him he heard the sharp sound of another blue bolt of electricity tearing one of the ladz apart.  He scuttled a little further back under the wagon.

Spikk whimpered uncontrollably, terror stealing what was left of his wits.  They were only cutting firewood for the armies’ camp over the hill!  They hadn’t harmed anyone or anything (well, today at least!)  The wood cutters had been hard at work when the creature suddenly emerged from the forest.  With an enormous mace in its right hand the abomination smashed anyone who was within reach; with the lightning from the red orb in its left it smote anyone who attempted to run.  It was a bolt of the lightning that had flipped over the wagon Spikk had been riding.  The wagon that now hid him from the view of the creature. 

The tread of the beast was amazingly light considering its enormous size.  As it came around the wagon Spikk was not aware that it was drawing closer until it entered his field of vision.  It had a huge four legged body as large as a bull but with a torso, arms and head like orc attached to the front, but more “reptilian.”  It was mostly covered with thick dull grey scales which Spikk had seen the axes of his mates fail to penetrate.  The torso and head were more greenish in color but were heavily muscled. The monster’s face was surprisingly gentle looking considering the destruction it was currently inflicting on Spikk’s mates.  Perhaps more disturbing than its size or obvious power, was the fact that the creature had made no noise as it went about destroying the woodcutting party.  It had remained completely silent. 

Now it was looking for survivors.  Spikk saw it examining each of the bodies to insure it was dead.  It also seemed to sample the air, its head and neck swaying from side to side as it sought its prey.  Perhaps it was his stench that gave Spikk away?  Whatever it was the monster’s head snapped to the right and peered under the toppled wagon looking Spikk directly in the face, its eyes glowed with massive intelligence, and flared with massive fury.  
It turned and approached the wagon.

Spikk wanted to run but his legs wouldn’t respond, though his bladder did.  He was frozen in fear.  With casual ease the beast grabbed the edge of the wagon and flipped it up and off of the cowering orc sending it crashing off behind him and leaving him curled in a ball on the bare ground.  The reptilian centaur gazed at him for a moment, examining him.  Spikk felt as if the monster was looking straight through him at his black shriveled soul. Not knowing what else, but knowing he must break that aweful gaze, the orc gulped some air and managed croak:

“Wwwwot da ‘eeell are you? Wwwwho da ‘eeeell are you?”

The creature was roused from its revelry by the orcs words.  The orb in it left hand glowed and crackled with energy, it raised the mace in its right hand high, and the same time it lifted its right leg off the ground, the enormous “foot” casting a dark shadow over the whimpering orc.  Still it uttered no sound, but as the foot descended on him an enormous rage filled voice exploded inside the orcs head.


Stat Line:

Loorassh carries only his large mace as a weapon (treat as a hand weapon) though he can choose to wield it with both hands if he feels he needs the S bonus.  The orb that Loorash carries was a gift from a woodelf mage, and though the item itself does not contain magic, it acts as a focal point for the Zoat’s own massive magical powers.  The Zoat wears no armor.




  1. OoOOo! Nice! I am filled with envy, I've been hunting for this zoat model for an age. I just want a damn zoat.

    Great job, he looks the business, and a nice bit of fluff too.

  2. That is beautiful a classic even!

    Well done. Now I need one as well....

  3. Lovely, lovely stuff! The fluff is really well done, too.

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    I like it very well. Sorry for my bad english... I am french.

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  5. Nice paint job Blue, love the fluff as well.