Saturday, February 9, 2013

Brush Slave II Entry...Batch Painting Continues!

Hello all,

As I am still in the midst of my batch painting madness I didn't come up with anything really original for this Brush Slave Entry but rather pulled three of my partially painted figures out of the batch and finished them off for the contest.

As you will recall I'm currently working through a group of about 35 figures that comprise a good chunk of the missile troops from my Bretonian based force...including a group of Squires with Bows, Mounted Squires and  Armored Bowmen.  I painted up a group of the Bowmen as one of my entries for the LPL last year and I've been using their color scheme as the basis for the scheme for my entire force...lets take a look at them...

As you can see their uniforms are based on a fairly dark blue and a deep green with a tertiary color for their this case a tan/yellow.  I will try to continue the blue and green theme across all the non-knight units of this force...but I will try to vary the Tertiary color with each unit.

So...for the unit of Squires with Bows...which in my army will be the scouts...I chose to try a burnt orange color as their unit specific color.  As I have not worked with orange a huge amount I saw the Brush Slave deadline as a chance to crank through three figures with this color scheme allowing me to iron out the wrinkles with the color before I tried it with the other 15 figures.

And here are the results...

Not bad...the Orange is Ok...I think they will look better en mass than as a small group like this.

Overall the Batch painting is going very well and I'm making progress on this group.  At this point I have all the base colors on all the figures...and all flesh tones have been highlighted to completion.  Next I will knock out the highlights on the blue and green on all the figures.  Then I will break the big batch into smaller groups for each of the respective units to complete their tertiary color highlights and the fiddly bits on each figure.  Basing I may do as a bog batch again at the end. 

I am certainly seeing the efficiencies in this type of painting as I've gotten a lot of figures a lot further along in a relatively short amount of time compared to when I was painting 3-4 at a time.  Its does get tedious painting one color all night...but not enough to make me stop...when I have a couple of complete units at the end of it it will all have been worth it.

I would love to show a picture of the progress but I'm planning on using some of these figures as entries in future painting contests...many of which forbid showing figures before they "compete"  So once I narrow down which ones will be competitors in the future I'll show the "bench warmers" as examples of my progress.

Cheers for now!



  1. Blue,

    They look great. I really like the color scheme.

  2. I like 'em. To my eyes the 'burnt orange' looks almost pinkish - also an underused colour - and I think you've pulled off with your customary flair.

  3. They look great Chris! What models are those? I know sweet fuck all about models produced for 4th edt and forward. =)

  4. Thanks guys...the rest of this batch is still progressing along and I hope to be wrapping them up shortly.

    @preedh...these are from the 5th edition Bretonnian army and are billed as "Squires with bows" here is the SOL reference

  5. hey there blue - i saw a post on Frothers with figs you're interested in trading. i was looking at your photobucket Trade album and there's a bunch i'm interested in.

    let me know if we can discuss a trade or purchase.
    love your work. I'm trying to get some players together for WHFB 4th edition, so i'm don't have quite the Oldhammer aspirations as you!