Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Johann...nuff said!

Well I had wanted to wait a couple of days before posting this up....but I just can't!  this figure is just TOO good! This Chaos Dwarf which has been named Johann by Clam and the Sculptor, John Pickford, is a special one.  John Sculpted this figure on his own, just for fun, when Clam was just starting to contemplate the range which would become know as the Ewal Dvergar.  It didn't really fit with the multi-part Core Warrior range that Clam was interested in creating but when John shared the sculpt with him Clam couldn't pass up the chance to have it cast up....

...and I'm Glad he did. This is one of those figures that I fall in love with when I first hold it in my hands...figures like this are few and far between...the Ratnik Dwarf Minstrel...MM15 Dwarf with Arquebus...MM90 Mage and Skull face...are a few of the others that have stirred such feelings.  While this feeling can be great can also create some anxiety for the painter.  I was intimidated by the figure...the level of detail is quite impressive...and I didn't want to FUCK it up! fact, with Johann, this anxiety began even before that...with the Johann figure you have choices to make..before you paint!  The figure is cast as one piece and looks like this...

Note: Picture blatantly stolen from Clam's Blog (I hope you don't mind man!)
 Its very cool like this...look at that Breast Plate!  But since it is a dwarf, John felt obligated to include an option for the figure to have a he sculpted up this add-on piece...

Again...thanks Clam for the pic

Again...he looks very cool with that stylish beard...a beard which any self respecting dwarf...chaos or no...could appreciate.  But it covers up the exquisite sculpting on the breast plate...what to do...what to do?!

Well I couldn't decide....I wanted it both I took a risk and attempted to sculpt a GS beard onto the first figure that would look like a beard...but that could also be believable as hair for the face on the Chest too.

Here is what I ended up with...

This is actually my own picture....
Ok...hurdle one to figure out a color scheme for this figure....again I was paralyzed by the much detail..particularly on the Shield, which we haven't even discussed yet, as well as the breast plate, and shoulder pads. What colors would suit them best?!  In the end I fell back on colors that I know well and love.  My typical blue and a nice medium gray for the highly detailed parts.  I felt that these colors  highlighted the best of the model without loosing any of its character with a motley of colors.  I tried to let the quality of the sculpt shine through.

Alright enough yammering from are the detail shots...

Front...."You talkin to me?"
...Here comes the Shield!
There it is! So Sweet!
Alright that shield demands a special is like a complete sculpture of it own...just a remarkably expressive face...and the depth of the detail made it a joy to paint.  I tried to carry the Red eye theme through the shield, shoulder pads and Dwarf. 

There is a good teaser of the shoulder pads...

And a Detail of the Right Shoulder pad.

So there he his...Johann in all his glory.  You will notice that I based him on a 30mm Round lipped base...Thats because I don't see Johann joining a CD unit like the others...he is stand fact I might just find a pedestal I can put him he can oversee work on my painting table.

Next up...something a little different...




  1. Wow!!! Really, really great looking Chaos Dwarf! I think your colour choice was absolutely perfect for this guy. Amazing mini too. And your scratch beard is Ace!

    I know exactly what you mean when some miniatures just radiate specialness and demand respect. This post makes me want to get this guy! Thank you.

    1. The Marauder MM90 Mage still has me scared to day inspiration will strike and I'll just do it...I hope :)

  2. Exactly the same reason why I haven't touched him myself. I really don't know how to do him full justice, and your exceptional work here, surely didn't help :P

    Thanks mate for a fantastic addition to the Ewal Dvergar family portrait. Hopefully you won't mind me using these pictures :)


    1. But of Course Clam...all the thanks goes to you for making these figures happen. And..of course you are more than welcome to use my pictures as you see fit.

  3. Freakin' fantastic. Well done with the beard, especially how it interacts between the dwarf and the breast-plate. I actually took notice of that in the previous post and thought 'dang... nice sculpt.' Now I'm even more impressed that it's a custom job.

  4. Blue... I change my mind you have won me over with Johann. He is now my favorite over the tan dwarf.

  5. Cracking stuff - the straggly beard is perfect.

  6. I love the style of this sculpts :) Great painting too!

  7. More of the skilful hairy-wand action that I have come to know and love. And sculpting too I see! You are indeed a man of many talents!

  8. Thanks alot guys.. your comments are much appreciated!

  9. Great painting Blue. That great dwarf sculpt, had now become a great dwarf miniature. Your choice of colours, are perfect. You are indeed a very talented painter. I have to say, you have mastered the art of colour theory. Keep up the good work my friend.

  10. Thanks a lot George....having some resource material about colors has proven helpful. I've flipped through that gorgeous book about a dozen times already.