Tuesday, November 27, 2012

CDO 6-hour Painting Marathon and Miniature Exchange...part 2

Well...things are finally settling out here in VT after a hectic Thanksgiving holiday that saw me out of town and not getting any hobby work done.  But over the last few nights I've managed to fulfill my 6-hour time allotment and I was able to finish both figures that I previewed in the last post....(we're not going to talk about how depressed I am to have only finished two figures in 6 hours...sigh) 

First off is the converted Chaos Dwarf drummer that I completed for the miniature exchange...still not overly happy with the drum head design but I will let the receiver of this figure decide if he wants to change it or not.  I actually think that this version looks quite a bit better than my original...the red just works better with this figure.

He put down the Crossbow and picked up a drum!
Secondly is the White Knight Zweihander that I was finishing up for the monthly Bugman's Painting challenge...I quite happy with how he turned out.  As mentioned before this is a figure that really spoke to me...I feel it is the best of the Zweihander set....but that is my personal opinion of course...there are a number of great figures from this set.

"None shall PASS!"
...and while I had the camera set up I went ahead and snapped a couple shots of the complete unit with this bloke and the drunken sergeant added.

I'm hoping to add just two more figures to this unit to bring it up to a respectable 3rd edition size of 14 figures...not bad for an elite unit...I will be running these guys with Hammerer stats so they will be doing some serious slicing and dicing of their opponents.

Next up....Blue actually plays a game!!! (Ok...I just GMed but still!!!)




  1. Well, console yourself with the fact that it was 6 hours well spent. That is a fine pair of shorties!

  2. Great looking unit of Dwarfs there. The Zweihander's just ooze character.

  3. Nice unit indeed. What is your next step when this one is finished?

  4. Im really liking your Zweihander dwarf. Your painting style really complements the mini.