Tuesday, July 31, 2012

MM15 Painting Walkthrough Part 5

Despite having the figure finished and ready for basing with plenty of time before the due date for the Bugman's contest....I still had to rush to get the final pictures in!  Life has really kicked my ass this summer...and looking at my work schedule the rest of summer and fall aren't going to be much better.  Ok well...now that I have vented a little let's turn to the reason for this post....the pictures!!!

For basing this figure i used the same same system that is outlined in an earlier post on this blog...look at the labels over there on the side and click on the one called "basing tutorial" and you'll see all my tricks.

Anyway here are a few views of the finished project

And here he is with a few of his mates...

Alright...now time to get down to work on my Greatswords for the Bugman's unit contest....only 16 days left to get them all done!



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