Friday, October 7, 2011

A little Firepower for a Friend

Finally an update!  It has been a crazy month with very little time for painting...but I did manage to finish up one project...Over on the Warhammer-Empire Forum they have a very interesting tradition...every year people sign up for a figure exchange...where in you create/paint a figure for another member that you send to them anonymously.  I opted to participate this year for the first time and it has been fun.  I chose to paint up this classic Citadel volley gun for fellow Empire fanatic Siberius who has an amazing Hochland Army.  These figures were a lot of fun to paint...and I look fwd to adding a set to my own army in the future.  Siberius's army has a very muted color palette that while effective was a challenge for me to I tend toward the opposite of muted...:).  I sent the figures off in a hurry without taking pictures...hopefully he doesn't mind me using the ones he posted upon their joining his army.

Next up: a Group of Marauder Orcs is nearing completion!

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