Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Chaos Renegades ...Squad 3... number 9.

 Hi all,

Another quick palette cleanser as I transition between projects.  After cranking out the Chaos Champion that I shared in last post for the Scale Creep challenge, I decided to keep the Chaos Mojo flowing for another day and bust out another Chaos Renegade.

Progress on the 3rd squad of Renegades has been a bit of slog....not because I don't want to paint renegades...but just because I've been distracted by other large projects.

But here is Renegade number 9 for Squad 3...almost there.  I will add one more heavy weapon trooper in the future to wrap up this squad.



Here are the Squad 3-to-date pics...looking good! Almost there!


I'd like to get the 10th trooper squared away before the New Year, after which the OWAC will be consuming most of my hobby time.

Cheers for now!



  1. Outstanding work! I love the bright electric blue against the more muted lavender.

  2. I can never get tired of your work. Every new one is a surprise, you manage to innovate, this is most likely my favourite Chaos Renegades project ever.

  3. Great colors.

    Do you still take commissions?