Saturday, January 4, 2020

Blue's 2019 recap post!!! What a long strange trip it's been...

Hi all,

I wanted to take the opportunity to post a brief recap of my "Year in Hobby: 2019 edition"  ...since that seems to be the type of thing you do at the end of one year and the beginning of another.

It was a productive year of hobbying for me.  I painted a quite a few figures...worked on some terrain pieces...had good games with good friends ...and finally made it to BOYL for the first time.

One of the highlights of the year for me in 2019 was my participation in the second iteration of the Old World Army Challenge.  You may remember that for the first OWAC I painted up a small army of Wood elfs....this year I returned to my absolute favorite army and all but finished it off!  The Puff and Slash Dwarf army!

I'm very excited to finally have a completely painted and based dwarf army composed almost entirely of Marauder dwarfs (and those inspired by them).  This was a long term project....I mean really long...Like 30 years long!!!

I will certainly continue to add to this army in coming years but its looking pretty good!

I also continued with some additional Chaos Renegades for my Rogue Trader games and even added some heavy fire power to these guys with the famous Chaos dreadnought!

On the gaming front I was able to attend several great gaming event including Cold Wars and Fall In here in the states.

Sadly I was not able to make my annual trip to the Midwest for Monolithcon this year due to work commitments...and I was sad...

BUT...I was finally able to make it over to the Promised Land (Newark) to attend the Bring Out Your Lead event at Foundry and it was a truly wonderful experience during which I got to meet many of online friends that I have been chatting with for years but had never met in person! many memories!

In the coming year my goals include:
  • Refining my collection down to figures I actually foresee painting, thereby allowing me to take on new and different projects as needed.
  • Painting evil forces, I need to focus on my Greenskin and Chaos armies now that I have my Dwarfs all but finished.
  • Pull off a full fledged 3rd edition Siege Game at Cold Wars 2020
  • Build table and terrain for the above
  • Play MANY more games with my local gaming partners
Well...time is wasting so I better get to work!

Happy New Year all!!



  1. Congratulations mate and your armies look fantastic. Especially the chaos renegades. And the beards of course ;) I hope you can achieve your 2020 goals and have that siege game at Cold Wars. I would love to see that.

    1. things are starting to some together with the Siege table! stay tuned. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Happy New Year Blue, all the best for 2020!

  3. Great round up and awesome and inspiring work as ever.

    It was also my pleasure to meet you at BOYL this year which was a definite win.

    Here's to 2020!

  4. That was a good year! Impressive stuff... and good inspiration for us slackers.

  5. Happy New year!
    A nice summary of the year, that motivated me to get more focus in my hobby. BOYL, Is one I defenitly hope to attend this year and maybe finishing a project or two instead of only taking on more.

    Thanks for the always inspiring posts.

  6. How very nice of you Bloo, to have chosen to use the only photo of me at BOYL looking like a grumpy old fucker :P

    Seriously though, it was great to finally get to meet you in person. Oh, and thanks for murdering my poor Terminator squad in Nico's game too :)

    Cheers mate.

    1. you look grumpy!!! never!!! Great to meet you too PapaF

  7. I love that one of my fanatics is photobombing your dwarfs in that Cold Wars pic. Those stunties had no idea what was coming!

  8. Hi Blue! Your pictures show us a good hobby year for you(^_^) Very pleased to meet you in the flesh.

    1. The pleasure was all mine Nico! I hope we can do it again someday!