Saturday, October 26, 2019

Chaos Renegade...Squad 3...number 8

Hi all,

Well...I had fully intended to start bombarding you with posts about the puff and slash dwarfs...but I've gotten sidetracked again.  After completing the last two Renegades...and receiving a couple of new paints in the mail...I decided to crank out one more...just one more! :)

I recently chatted with one of my painting heroes, Stone Cold Lead, when he mentioned the purple recipe he recently used for the Ion Age Retained Knights...and I immediately ordered the paints he recommended and I decided to give it a try.  Purple has been one of my long term problem colors...and I hoped this was the info I needed to get over that hurdle.

For my first attempt with this new color I chose one of the classic Renegade sculpts, Three Eyes!

With the new purple I decided to go with a very cool grey-white that I felt would contrast the purple well.

I think this worked out pretty well! here is the finished product...

I have to say...I'm ecstatic with how this turned out.  The purple seems to work very well and I really like the pale white grey of the rest of the armor.

...I think this might be my new favorite! least until the next one...😉




  1. Dude he’s moved to the top of the list for me too. Nice brush work buddy.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks SCL! The help with the purple was key...though mine doesn't look like yours! ...but I still love it.

  3. This guy is an absolute winner, yellow, pruple and white just make up for a striking combo and it suits this particular guy perfectly.

  4. That purple and white colour scheme looks awesome! I really like the vibrancy of the purple!

  5. These renegades are a really awesome project. Also a great way to break out of the batch painting blues.