Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Chaos Renegade #13....this one goes to 11!!!

Hi all,

After my last...less that exciting... Renegade I really felt the need to pick one of my absolute favorite Renegades and turn the color levels WAY UP.  So I did...

Renegade 13 is one of the most Renegade-y of all the Renegades...truly alien and perhaps a little bit insectoid in nature this figure really displays how subtly twisted Renegades can be.  The other reason for this color choice was that my pal Iannick from Quebec challenged me to take on a pink renegade and after consulting with my daughter...she agreed that this would be the figure that pink would be most suitable for.

So here is a pic of the second Squad to date...individual pics are below.

For the folks that have followed this project from the first squad you may recognize that this is actually just a reversal of the color scheme that I used on my second heavy weapon trooper...here they are together.

And here are the solo shot of Pinkie

I thoroughly enjoyed painting this figure ...and that feels good after the last one that just didnt excite me for some reason.

So Squad two plugs along...more to come soon...

...I hope!




  1. Wow. You made that color work. WOW.

  2. FANTASTIC. I never thought bubblegum pink could be so menacing. You are really doing justice to these magnificent sculptures.

  3. I love both the sculpt and what you've done with it. Excellent work!

  4. PINK! Great job n the figure and restoring the renegade mojo.