Friday, April 8, 2016

Terminator Squad...Action Shots

Well, you've seen the studio Shots of my newly painted Terminator Squad...but what do they look like in the field?  

...Well that is what this post is well as a few WIP shots of the painting process which I will post at the end.

Once Again I have fallen back on my Battle Systems Sci-Fi terrain set up for these photos.  While it is not completely true to the narrow corridor hell of Space Hulk it allowed me to get all the figures into a single shot and show them doing what they do best...killing a lot of Genestealers!

Right the Genestealers!  The figures in this shot are the original plastic stealers that came with the 1st edition Space Hulk Box set.  The used copy of the game that I got from my Maryland Connection...aka Brian...didn't come with any figures, so in addition to hunting down the metal termies for the Marines I was also on the look out for a scrabbling horde of Genestealers.  I'm slowly collecting a group of metal hybrids and purestrain stealers...but for Hulk you need a lot of purestrains and I felt it best to fall back on the originals...they are not bad looking when painted up.

Luckily I stumbled into an amazing deal on the FB trade group and found a bloke in Europe who was willing to trade me 18 painted stealers for a few of my spare figures (I honestly cant even remember which at this point).  I'm not one to purchase pre-painted figures very often but these looked great and I took the chance.  I was not disappointed when they arrived.  All I had to do was remove them from their current bases and glue them onto my standard 40K star-ship deck bases.  While they are far from perfect they are done and in this case that is the best thing about them!

So...that enough jibber jabber for now lets see the pics.  I shot these in a quick series while zooming in on the Sergeant and his boys on the lower level...

I'm particularly fond of the last can hear the Chittering Horde closing in!!!

I may have to play with a couple of these shot in that LensFX app to see if I can make them a little darker and creepier.  I wanted good lighting to show off the details of the figures but these photos lack that gritty dark space hulk feel.  I'll post them up here if I have any luck.

Finally Someone asked me about the technique I used for the bone portions of the Terminator armor....luckily I took a picture that captures all the steps in the sequence.  Here we have each figure at a different step of the process...

As is my usual habit the figures were primed with Dark Grey Auto Primer.  The Sequence for the bone is as follows:
  1. Base coat with Vallejo Model Color 983 Flat Earth
  2. First Highlight Vallejo Model Color 874 Tan Earth
  3. Second Highlight Vallejo Model Color 976 Buff
  4. Final Highlight with Vallejo Model Color 820 Off-white on the very highest features
  5. Wash with Gryphone Sepia or equivalent
In hind sight I probably started one shade too dark and may eliminate step one with future models...this seems very fiddly when I write it out like this! LOL :)

Thats all for now.




  1. Oh these pictures are beautiful! Just so well done that i'm envious. I have always wanted great action photos and I can never take anything good. I commend you!!!

  2. Looks great! I remember painting tons of those Genestealers 20-ish years ago :-) Where's the building from? I'd love to get my hands on those, too!

    1. The terrain is from Battle Systems' first Kick Starter campaign.

  3. Excellent, It's nice to see the genestealers I sent to you finally ready for play. I bought those painted genestealers many years ago on ebay for cheap, I used them for years in my genestealer cult and then they have find another new life in your games :)

    1. Thanks again! I'm very excited to have a few games of hulk with these babies in the near future.

  4. Great shots blue. I haven't looked at your post FX shot yet but you could probably set up your lights to do a little of the heavy lifting. You can use a snoot, a fancy term for some kind of tube or cone, to make a more directed spotlight effect on your subject. I've seen them made out of Pringles cans, so no need to spend a lot of money.