Sunday, December 7, 2014

What's on Blue's table now?

Still nothing finished to show off I wanted to give you an idea of what will be coming in the near future.  I'm pretty excited about the figures I have in my painting queue right now. For once it's a rather eclectic mix of different races and types of figures which I hope will help with keeping my motivation up.

The first thing I have to finish up is another copy of the fantastic Johann sculpt that is available from Clam's Ewal Dvergar Range.  This one is going to a long-suffering client and I'm anxious to get it back to its rightful owner.

I have also been asked to paint a few figures for the Dragon Bait miniatures Indiegogo campaign. This is the second campaign by Dragon Bait miniatures and once again will be offering a lot of interesting and humorously old school style sculpts.  

I have agreed to paint the dwarf inquisitor... who definitely has that van Helsing feel to him.

Then there is the halfling scout...who has a great country bumpkin thing going on.

I will be also working on the small vignette of a executioner and his halfling compatriot who is luring the next victim to their death with a tasty doughnut.  I am particularly excited about these figures from the campaign...I just love the sculpts...which I believe are by Tim Prow.

This set comes complete with a block and a basket with a couple of heads already in it.  Just genius!

Next I have my entry for the Oldhammer forum's community war band. This is a very old-school citadel sculpt that makes me laugh because this archers quite pudgy!  I forgot to check his name before I glued him in...I think this is Edwin...?

Another odd duck figure I have ready to go is one of the really early citadel slotta Elfs...Gildor?  Who I will be painting up for thebinman's Averland warband.  You've got to love his Elvis style hair do.

Next up is the one remaining 5th edition Bretonian Squire with bow that I need to complete my unit.  The group has been languishing at 17 for the last took me awhile to acquire another copy of this specific it will be nice to actually finish this unit off.

Finally I also have these fantastic mid 90 Perry sculpts of Bertrand and his compatriots. Obviously styled after Errol Flynn's Robin Hood movies and just loaded with bags of character even for relatively "newhammer" figures. These will obviously be becoming character models for my Bretonian army.  I've had them for a while now and I'm very excited to finally get them painted.

So you can expect to see all of these figures again in future posts hopefully in various stages of progress.

Of course I still have the Knights to finish that I showed earlier as well as half a squad of Orks that need their final coats of paint too!!.  My work schedule should finally be opening up a little bit as we approach Christmas and I hope to be quite productive during my downtime.

Cheers for now,



  1. I think your elf is one of the 'malmir' elves for the enemy within/oldenhaller contract.

  2. Fun set of models in the queue there. Look forward to seeing them coloured in. :)

  3. Keep on grinding and your'll get them done :)

  4. I'm sending all good waves I can to you so you keeping the enthusiams for them. Don't forget that the Oldhammer challenge archer is a possible winning ticket for a splendid army, this hould help you get some motivation !