Friday, March 15, 2013

Batch Painting II Part 3

Great!  Thanks for the suggestions all...Both Erny and Thantsants pointed me in a direction that I was leaning toward myself...toward a brick red or terracotta color.  Excellent...with that in mind I delved into trying to create a color I was happy with.  And that took took some doing....I don't have a handy color pre made that fit the bill...and I have a love hate relationship with the painting the color red....I love the super saturated red that you are used to seeing on my Puff and slash figures....but making a believable red that didn't turn pink or orange while highlighting has always proved difficult for me.  So I tried a couple of colors...and after lengthhy discussions with my Color Consultant (my lovely wife) I came up with this color...What say you?

Sorry for the crappy iPhone Pic...

So that took up half of last night....I spent the other half getting the base colors on all the cloth areas...except those that will end up reddish...they will probably get a brown base coat as well.  So here is were I am at this point.

Cheers for now!



  1. Yes, I was going to suggest a brick-red. It looks good, the brownish tone fits very well with the other colours

  2. Very nice indeed - works well with the other colours.