Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Brief Update

So the holiday season got the better of me this year and I got little done in the way of hobby over the last month.  That said I thought I would keep my loyal readers (yes I'm talking about you...;) ) up to date on what I have been doing.

Since my last post I've been working on a couple of painting commissions...some of which I hope to share with you soon...some of which will have to wait awhile.  Other than that I got exactly NO painting done...sigh.  I did build a few more units...yes there are more!  This consisted of basing up much of my Chaos force....insert teaser pic

Marauder Thug Regiment with a couple of Citadel Thugs added to mix things up a bit.

More of that force to come in the future.

I also built a couple of mounted units...including this group of Oldworlder Knights (aka 4th ed. Brets)...

Mix of Knights of the Realm, Questing Knights, and Knights Errant.
....sooo....the to-be-painted pile grows to mind numbing porpotions... not to think about it!

I did manage to squeeze in another 3e game with my crew from work.  This battle saw a mostly Empire army (including a few dwarfs and some halflings) facing off against a Chaos War Band that included Marauders, Dwarfs, Beastmen, and a Troll.  This game featured even less painted troops than the last battle and we were forced to rely on very basic scenery...some would call it primitive. wasn't the most photogenic game but it was a lot of fun and we found out that my co-worker Paul has Magic Dice Hands!  particularly when rolling for missle troops...his empire archers and handgunners mowed down huge numbers of enemy troops in this battle despite a BS of 3.

Here is one embarrassing picture just o prove that it happened... many unpainted figures and crappy terrain pieces...My Kingdom for more TIME!
So thats been the last month at Blue's house....I hope the next one allows me to make progress on a few of my lead piles and I'll be sure to share pictures with you if it does!

Cheers for now!



  1. Seasons greeting Blue - afraid I have a similar tale to tell!

    I look forward to seeing those Thug archers painted up. Mine are awaiting the brush after I stripped the rather thick Khornate paint scheme I lavered them in back in the day.

    Looks like another fun game there too!

  2. You're even using the original 3ed paper cut-out blast templates, how awesome is that!

  3. sorry to nit pick, those knights were release for 5th edition, I should know as at the time I brought one of each of the box sets for the Bret's only to find out I was crap at painting hereldry :D

    eventually sold the lot off, except for some reason one unit's worth of the plastic monopose archers which I still have for some reason....