Friday, August 24, 2012

Commision for someone Special...and a breif update

Hi all,

Well I've been keeping busy...and wanted to share with you my latest works.  Currently I've been trying to take care of some lingering backlog well as keeping up with on-going contest entries.  One of the more important things I've been working on is a "commission" piece...for a very important person in my daughter.

About a month ago she convinced me to buy her a plastic mermaid figurine at the know how it goes...she gave me the puppy eyes...I protested for about 20 seconds before folding like a wet cardboard usual.  Anyway...the mermaid was holding a small fish in one hand...this was very cute...but...of course by the time we got home...the fish had fallen off and been lost....sigh.

They just don't make plastic mermaids like they used to! 

I tried to explain to her that this wouldn't have happened if it had been made of a proper figure material like good old lead...but she wasn't buying it and just kept looking at me like this...and asking me to fix it...

So as above...I caved and agreed to have a go at replacing the missing fish.  When I asked what kind of fish she wanted on there...she said..."maybe a cupcake would be better?!"  I tried to explain that a cupcake would get quite soggy on the bottom of the ocean... but as you probably know logic holds no sway over the 4 year old I set my mind to sculpting a cupcake for a mermaid out of GS.  And this is what I came up with.
No!  That is not a nipple on top! She also asked for a Chocolate kiss to be placed on just keeps getting better!

Then I asked what color she would want it to be....of course I was thinking chocolate iceing on a yellow/vanilla cupcake...haha...WRONG?!  She had other ideas...."how about a red cupcake with purple icing Daddy?"  By this point I was beyond trying to impose my thoughts on "her" creation and just went with it. 

So here is the finished product...complete with a heavy Gloss varnish coating to try to proect it for a day or two at least...

She looks pretty excited about that cupcake eh?!

Well...the client is pleased with the results and I'm sure I will have many hours of playing "mermaid cupcake party" in my future.  It will certainly be the miniature that gets the most actual use in our house....:)

To prove that I haven't been completely neglecting my other "obligations" here is another WIP picture of the nearly complete unit of WKs Great Sword dwarfs...alomost there!

Cheers all...




  1. Kids huh? Pester power should never be underestimated and 4 year olds know exactly how to use it.
    Good cup cake!

    Nice dwarves.

  2. It i nice to have a client that knows exactly what she wants!
    Just be glad she didn't decide that all your dwarves need cupcakes too! >;)

  3. I dunno - might be a good theme to adopt for them...

  4. What a beautiful post! And it makes me hungry for purple cupcakes. Or an army of Merpeople with cupcakes. And those dwarves look fantastic!

  5. Sorry this is a bit late, just found your blog recently...

    I think the whole mermaid could do with a repaint. You could really make it 'pop'.

    Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one that falls for the puppy dog eyes. My three year old daughter can usually convince me to do about any silly thing she asks.