Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chaos...the BIG and the small...Part 4

Greetings all.

I put the final touches on those three Chaos Warriors for HlH.  I'm quite pleased with how they came out.  It was a totally different experience to painting the colored metallics...and an experience I'm more comfortable with..;)

First up is this pair with the Mace...This MM90 model is a special one to me...as many of you know...my own version of this figure is the one I use as my avatar on many forums.  The color Blue on this one was a bit of a challenge to match just because its different than my usual blue.

But I found a Vallejo paint that was very similar and went to town.  I think I got pretty close with the blue and really like the way it highlighted up. 

Here he is Solo

I also Stuck pretty close to the MM90 with this Chaos Warrior

I like the way the Gold accents contrast the purple on this figure.

With the last Chaos warrior I drifted a bit from the MM90 I was working from.  The Rust color I achieved is a little less red but I really like the way it turned out...and I will also be using this color on some future chaso figures.

This may be the one case where I actually like the CW better than the MM90...but to be honest I think they are both pretty damn cool.  I'd love to see this guy completed with the shield.

So that leaves 3 more to do...Stay tuned for more!




  1. Nice seeing you back painting, Blue.

    And as always painted to a fantastic standard. Still quite surprised how well your awesome old school inspired painting styles suits them.

    Excellent work, Sir.

    And there may be quite in here but I'll keep an eye on you in the leagues :)


  2. Thanks Clam...yeah I think the impending League start dates have spurred my, less than active, painting back into gear. Now I just have to convince the Fam that Painting is a good use of time again!

    Can't wait to see something new on your Blog as well...hint hint.


    1. I really had never noticed the similarities between those CD and CW! Awesome paint and awesome models.

  3. What's the name of the Vallejo blue you used on the Chaos warrior with the mace and how did you highlight it up? It looks great!