Sunday, July 10, 2011

Miricle of Miricles!!!! I finally got them done!

Well its been a long time coming....and the distractions have been many...Travel for work, Visiting family, Sick Children, Other painting know life in general...but I finally found the time to get the last of the preview Dwarfs that WK shared with me done.  As previously mentioned the shield icon for one of the figures has been driving me crazy!!! I removed the paint from it at least 3 time but am now fairly happy with the results...its not quite as smooth as I had hoped but its most of the way there.

So without further ado here they are...first the plug in Sword and Shield:

 Here he is with the other sword dwarf:

And the Pikeman:
And with some friends:

Coming Next...

I have a number of things in process including some Marauder Slayers, Thunderers and Orcs....we'll see what I get done first!




  1. That shield freehand is awesome! And you dared take advice from me when you can produce this level of work! O_o

  2. Holy ..... :-) Impressive freehand, Blue - excellent performance and certainly worth waiting for.

    Counting the days till I can get my "clammy" hands on these myself. Hopefully WK will seal the deal before I leave for my summer holiday ;-)