Wednesday, June 15, 2011

...A Small Aside

...So despite my telling you that my next post would include some more painted versions of WK's dwarfs...I got slightly side tracked.  Through some mishandling of a box of figures and paints I was separated from the four WK dwarfs that I currently have in process for several I had to find something else to work on.  Also the deadline for the monthly painting contest that I participate in over on Chaos Dwarfs Online (Brush Slave #5) was rapidly approaching and I had to get an entry done.  Not wanting to stray too far from my current pikeman project I decided to paint up another of the classic Marauder sculpts.  I chose to paint the Sergent figure from Marauder Pike Regiment...probably the best of the Rank and File figures from this group.  Here is my version:

Coming Next...

The WK dwarfs...painted....I promise...:)

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  1. Glad you made it, Blue - but am looking forward seeing next batch of WK Dwarfs, though.

    Don't let me wait to long, right?